More Than a Traveller: This Artsy Hotel in Tokyo Gives You the Satisfaction of Being an Art Patron

If this doesn’t quench your wanderlust, we don’t know what will

BnA Hotels, (a moniker short for Bed and Art) has recently launched its latest addition in Nihonbashi, Tokyo - BnA_WALL. This forth hotel of the brand integrates hotel accommodation, artist studios, cafes and bars, inviting 14 Tokyo-resident artists to create unique art for the 26 guest rooms. Placing art at the fore of its design, it allows visitors to personally experience and interact with the art, and the overall assemblage is akin to living in a merger of art galleries which are all unforgettably unique. To fulfil their responsibility to the development of the local art scene, the hotel will allocate part of each guest’s expenditure in each room to the artist whose work makes the room, also allowing the guest the satisfaction of being an art patron.

daytime's daydream - EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD - Photo by Kengaku
Float - YOSHIROTTEN - Photos by Tomooki Kengaku
SUSHI WARS - Mako Watanabe - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
A Room with a Column - Haruna Kawai - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku

The stunning Art Room designs take one from one hidden world into another where the sky’s the limit: FLOAT created by graphic artist and aesthetic director Yoshitrotten, is a smart dimension that resembles space, with adjustable light colors and sound effects. A recreational place suitable for meditation and daydreaming is Framed Function, conceived by artist and architect Daisuke Motogi / DDAA who brings a meditative experience in his room filled with a large bed that looks like a canvas. Life’s like a game in the Hardcore Game Room created by magma, while in The Room After Five Minutes, one is juxtaposed into chaos within the whimsy of colour and graffiti conceived by Youta Matsuoka (JONJON GREEN). It’s not only surreal design that BnA _WALL excels in - An Urban Nest and Visible Ambiance, created by Kanto Iwanura and Konei respectively, pulls one back to the present moment with its earthy mood.

HARDCORE - magma - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
HARDCORE - magma - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
HYO-BO - Yuji Kamiyama - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
HYO-BO - Yuji Kamiyama - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
The Room With A Pink Carpet - Colliu - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku

Before heading outside, you will be seduced by the 5-meter high _WALL in the hotel. The impressive mural wall is the heart and soul of this art complex, and a new mural is commissioned every 3 months. Hotel guests and visitors can watch artists at work from the hotel atrium year round, and the ever-changing mural is a symbolic representation of BnA’s spirit to “thrive through change”. As you anticipate the vibes over cool beats and bespoke cocktails at Bar OIRAN, you’ll ask yourself, how can I possibly miss this inspiration on my next trip to Tokyo?

Framed Function - Daisuke Motogi - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
DAM room - Mariko Mukumoto - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
The World After Five Minutes - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
An Urban Nest - Kanto Iwamura - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
Factory - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
Front - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
Bar - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku
Exterior - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku

(Leading image: BnA_WALL - Factory - Photo by Tomooki Kengaku)

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Published on September 30, 2021