Baccarat Reinvents the Magic of Crystal with Revolutionary Creatives

It has been hard to see the light, but this stunning exhibition from Baccarat will open your eyes

This inaugural pop up – the Master of Lights – is a feast for the senses at the atrium of LANDMARK, and will run until August 15th. Featuring an exclusive showcase of three collaborative collections with blue topaz producer Ostro, Virgil Abloh and Jaime Hayon, the event kicked off on August 8th with a VIP preview, followed by an intimate dinner at Michelin-starred Amber, where VIP’s enjoyed the specially curated Amber x Baccarat menu by executive chef Richard Ekkebus (this menu will also be available until August 15th).

The Blue Topaz chandelier

For over 250 years, Baccarat has been known for its exceptional crystal products, ranging from lighting, tableware and decorative accessories synonymous with French savoir-faire. These limited-editions further showcase the brand’s commitment to creativity, craftsmanship and excellence, encompassing the Blue Topaz chandelier, the Crystal Clear collection and the Faunacrystopolis collection. The first of its kind chandelier is valued at HK$9.5 million and adorned with nearly 700 Ostro topaz gemstones totaling 25,863 carats and thousands of stunning crystal beads. The octagonal Ostro topaz gems, all meticulously hand cut and polished to exhibit the exquisite blue colours of each facet, range from a magnificent Swiss Blue to the deeper, darker London Blue - featuring a large range of ostroblue® gemstones.

The Crystal Clear collection

Meanwhile, Crystal Clear by Virgil Abloh, artist and founder of Off-White, brings together cultural convergence, to showcase a lighting unit, a center table unit and a series of glasses. States Abloh, “for me, Baccarat represents the expression of the dynamism of crystal through history and today. This line of products is an extension of my art practice, expertly realized by the artisans of Baccarat.” Finally, the Faunacrystopolis collection by Spanish artist and designer Jamie Hayon, perfectly interprets the fusion of art, design and decoration, mixing fantastical forms with quirky colours and patterns and giving a carnival of six animals a new invention. As Hayon concludes, “crystal is a fascinating and surprising material. Cut, sculpted, illuminated, it reveals all of its secrets. It is by exploring the endless possibilities of matter that magic happens.”

 The Faunacrystopolis collection
Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Published on August 10, 2021