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Maestria Gallery Proudly Presents the First Solo Show of Painter Marguerite Piard, "J'ai Quelquefois Des Vivants Qui Me Donnent Des Insomnies"

The exhibition, titled “I sometimes have living people who give me insomnia” will be showing until March 27th at the Maestria Gallery showroom at 7 Rue Saint Claude, 75003, Paris

Born in 1996, Marguerite Piard lives and works in Paris. A graduate from Beaux-Arts of Paris, she is currently a resident artist at the Consulat Voltaire. Last year she participated in the group exhibition Bonjour Tendresse curated by Maestria. In this exhibition, Piard reveals the evolution of her observations of the intimate. The artist continues to explore self-portraiture and the staging of nude female bodies, whose withdrawn positions are propitious to deep introspection. The male figure, absent from her works until now, makes a subtle appearance in the maze of these fragments of skin, curves, folds and hollows that form the body and are captured by the artist's tight framing.

Painter Marguerite Piard

Beyond this apparent nudity, it is surprisingly the modesty that emanates from her works and questions the viewer's look. The bodies are curled up and hidden behind the edges of the often small, even miniature formats, which fit in the hand, like treasures, secrets, which could be passed on to each other out of sight. In the same idea of confession, other compositions by Piard are expanded as if they wanted to say in substance, in painting, what words do not allow.

This is an invitation to see the beauty of relationships and the body through the prism of gentleness and kindness, far from any objectification of female nudity or aggression. Representing spaces of refuge in themselves, these bodies are hers, those of her confidants, artist friends; those, finally, with whom she feels most confident when she exposes herself. In this new series of works, the protagonists evolve in interior spaces, supposedly reassuring, like the bedroom and more particularly the bed. The nocturnal, blurred colors highlight the shadier side of the artist's thoughts, like clouds full of questions. The doors open, the locks too, as if to interpret the recurring symbols of a nightmare. Through a mirror effect, Marguerite Piard's paintings invite us to an inner dialogue. Experience the beauty at Maestria Gallery.

Words: Emily Leung & Nikey Cheng
Photos: Lea Mazy (Artwork); Manol Valtchanov (Potraits); Valerio Geraci (Exhibitions Views)
Published on March 23, 2023